14 women kidnapped by Islamic State after Syria’s As Suwaida attack: Activists

Smoke rises after a shelling on As-Suwayda Province.

Baghdad ( Islamic State has leaked photos for fourteen women from the Syrian city of As Suwaida, saying they were kidnapped from their houses in the eastern countryside of the city, according to activists on social media platforms.

The activists launched hashtag “Kidnapped women of As Suwaida”, urging action to rescue them.

News circulated after the attack reported that at least 17 people, most of whom were women and children, were kidnapped.

According to Reuters, 20 names of kidnapped people were documented.

The death toll from the Islamic State gun attacks and three bomb blasts on villages of al-Matouna, Douma and Tima in the countryside of As-Suwayda rose to over 200 people. Tens of others were injured.

The militant group then claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks.

The United Nations condemned the terrorist bombings in Sweida city and called for the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure.

Islamic State lost almost all the territory it held in Syria last year in separate offensives by the Russian-backed army and a U.S.-backed militia alliance. The militant group then launched insurgency operations from its pockets in the desert areas, after it lost its strongholds in eastern Syria last year.

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