IEDs blasts hit Majadil-Umm Zaitoun road in As Suwayda, 8 casualties

IEDs blasts hit Majadil-Umm Zaitoun road in As Suwayda, 8 casualties
Representational photo.

As Suwayda (Syria News) Eight persons were injured in improvised explosive devices blasts, emplaced by terrorists on Majadil-Umm Zaitoun road, northwest of As Suwayda, in a new violation to the de-escalation zones agreement.

A source in the province’s police command told SANA that three improvised explosive devices, emplaced by terrorists on the roadside of Majadil-Umm Zaitoun road, in al-Lajat area, northwest of As Suwayda, exploded this morning, while a microbus was passing in the area, injuring eight persons and inflicting damage to the vehicles.

The wounded were transferred to the National Hospital to receive treatment, and the severity of their injuries range between mild and medium, the source added.

Furthermore, the source informed that the bomb squad dismantled another two bombs in the area, containing 20 kilograms of explosives each.

It is noteworthy that the northwestern countryside of As Suwayda and the eastern countryside of Daraa are witnessing frequent attacks on civilians, leaving dozens of casualties.

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