Thursday, June 30, 2022


Algerian ISIS-sympathizers behead Frenchman over intervention in Iraq

A photo of the French hostage on his account on Facebook
A photo of the French tourist, Herve Gourde, from his Facebook account.

Algeria ( On Wednesday an Algerian group linked to ISIS beheaded the French tourist Herve Gourdel. The Algerian extremists allied with the ISIS group have executed the French hostage after France’s government ignored their demand to stop airstrikes in Iraq and Syria.

Yesterday Algerian Army and police set up checkpoints and sent troops into mountains to look for Herve Gourdel, a Frenchman kidnapped and Algerian group aligned to ISIS and threatened to execute the 50 years old man over France’s intervention in Iraq with the United States.

Earlier this week ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani had urged followers to attack citizens of the United States, France and other countries which have joined the US-led coalition to destroy the group.

Herve Gourdel, was a Frenchman in his mid-fifties. His family and friends in Nice, said the Frenchman was passionate about nature and photography. Gourdel was a mountaineering guide who worked in north of Algeria.

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