American jihadist kills 4 in the United States to protest Obama’s policies in the Middle East

Ali Mohamed Brown
Ali Mohamed Brown

( The Los Angeles Times newspaper  confirmed that an American citizen killed four people in the United States to protest against the policy of the United States in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, indicating that he told the investigating judge that he avenged in this way from the American government for its policy in the Middle East.

The Los Angeles Times said that “an American citizen named Ali Mohamed Brown lives in Seattle admitted that he murdered four people in Washington and New Jersey, adding “he killed them in retaliation of the United States government for its policy in the Middle East, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.”

It is noteworthy that “Muhammad Ali Brown announced in front of the investigating judge that he has claimed responsibility for the killing of three people in Washington, and he killed another person in New Jersey, admitting that he has assassinated them in protest against the deaths in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.


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  1. bring it on isil to the usa were waiting for you in the hood and the streets ex fighters of fortune. u rep the weak in the middle east ,u show weakness with un armed people. bring it on ,after you reach are inter – citys u will be destroyed by us..ex military fighters. isil is a cheap trick..looking for attention,but they no better to never
    come in the hood. we will destroy the isil girls …come play with us with ur face covered…come play in the hood..a place u will never ,ever live threw …isil

    • I agree with you “baby arm”! It’s about time we Americans united to fight our TRUE enemies – instead of each other! The cowardly and warped ISIS / ISIL are the current enemy – not people of different color here in our country. I’m sick of terrorists happily murdering innocents and unarmed in the name of God – no God would ever condone such senseless and unwarranted slaughter.

  2. i want this ISIS/ISIL be stopped as soon as possible so they cannot do more harms to helpless people just because they have different religion. they’re doing these senseless killings to these innocent sons and daughters of GOD. i don’t understand what kind of human being these ISIS/ISIL are, they feel happy when they killed people just because they are not like them. or are these ISIS/ISIL really human or monsters? PLEASE STOP THEM FROM KILLING MORE INNOCENT PEOPLE. MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!

  3. They come to the Hood they will die in the Hood. They are a bunch of cowards, too stupid and sick to stand up and be warriors. They are Scavengers and back shooting jerks. If they fought fairly they would lose. As they said in “Men In Black”, “Show me your face and I’ll cure all of your problems.”

    ‘Nuff said.

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