Booby-trapped vehicle blast kills 17 IS members in Raqqa

Booby-trapped vehicle blast kills 17 IS members in Raqqa
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Raqqa (Syria News) 17 members of the Islamic State group were killed and others were wounded, at noon today, in a booby-trapped vehicle explosion in Raqqa.

Qasioun News reported that 17 members of the self-proclaimed Islamic State group were killed, while others were wounded in the explosion of their booby-trapped vehicle, in the outskirts of Hesham Ibn Abdelmalek neighborhood in Raqqa, before using it to attack the Syrian Democratic Forces in the area.

The Syrian Democratic Forces managed to detonate the vehicle before reaching its target in the outskirts of the neighborhood, and then clashes broke out between the two sides, amid mutual artillery and rockets shelling, leaving several casualties among the IS members.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian Democratic Forces militia is now controlling 50% of the city of Raqqa, since the launch of the assault to retake the city in June 2017.

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  1. Too bad more ISIS scumbags weren’t in the booby-trapped vehicle.

    That’s OK, I heard it was a female who fired on the vehicle.
    No virgins for you!!!

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