Clashes between Syrian government and jihadists continue in Damascus

syrian government
Representational photo.

Damascus (Syria News) The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported, on Tuesday, that three fighters were killed in a bomb blast in Daraa Province, while pointed out that clashes between the Syrian government forces and jihadists are continuing in southeastern countryside of the capital, Damascus.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed that an improvised explosive device exploded near a vehicle belonging to the Jihadists, on Smad – Samj Road in the village of Smad, in the eastern countryside of Daraa, killing three jihadists.

Meanwhile in Damascus, the SOHR pointed out that the clashes are still ongoing between Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham militants and the Syrian government forces, backed by foreign militia, in the southwestern countryside of Damascus, where HTS is trying to retake areas from the regime forces in Kafr Hur.

Moreover, Syrian government forces continue advancing into the area, while the fierce clashes are accompanied by continuous rocket shelling on the combat axes in the areas of Bayt Tima and Kafr Hur.

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