Demonstrators denounce attacks against women in Saudi Arabia

Demonstrations denounces attacking women in KSA

( Dozens of demonstrators gathered in Qaseem city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support the detainees under the title of ‘Women Represent a Red Line’ to protest attacking women by Saudi interior security forces.

According to sources from Saudi Arabia ”The protesters confirmed their struggle will continue until the last detainee is released from the Saudi prisons,” stressing that ”Women’s cases will always be a red line and there will be no compromise in this issue.”

The demonstrators chanted slogans that demand releasing the young man Zakaria Dhalan who was arrested during a demonstration to support detainees.


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  1. Congratulations, Iraqi News, on reporting this. I’ve not seen a mention of it in the American media. I wonder why?

  2. Great- this is the actual Arab Spring, Inshallah by the end of this year , the tyrant saudis will not be able to suppress these voices. International media is not reporting it for obvious reasons but Americans will not be able to save this regime .

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