Erdogan: “We will not participate in the international coalition against ISIS before our demands are met.”

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey would not participate in any military operations within the international coalition against the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant before its demands were met.

Erdogan stated, in a press statement on a plane on his way to Afghanistan on Saturday evening, that Turkey had applied 4 requests to the American International alliance: the declaration of no-fly zone, the establishment of a safe zone, the training of the Syrians and providing them with weapons, and launching an operation against the Syrian regime, stressing that his country would not be involved in any operation before achieving these demands.

Erdogan said it is illogical that his country would support the international coalition in light of the frequent news of the intention of some countries arming the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) to contribute to the fight against the organization ISIS, because that party is a terrorist organization for Turkey.


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  1. This man is a real moron…he doesn’t yet realize tht he has put turkey on the wrong side of history and up for thanks giving…his goose is cooking

  2. Now Turkey has a golden opportunity to make peace with the Kurds, and it’s squandering it. Just as Turkey was established following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire as a country for ethnic Turks, so do the Kurds, a huge and distinct ethnic group, deserve the same fate, and Turkey could finally help in this process. Absent Turkish cooperation in the fight against ISIS, Turkey should be kicked out of NATO and never allowed to join the EU.

  3. Erdogan is a greatest evil.He wants no fly zone and safe zone for protecting isil from air strikes,and a safe passege for them too.”Erdogan go to hell”.

  4. Erdogan and his government is the biggest sponsors of Islamic Terrorism in the world. West should decide whether Turkey be allowed to continue as a NATO member state or not. Further, West (USA and its Western allies including Australia and New Zealand) should decide their future course of action not in haste but well charted out manner against self proclaimed Islamists who now poses a great threat to not only Middle East and North Africa but to Europe, China and India as well. World should unitedly stand against terrorism and its supporters and financiers and obliterate Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Pakistan. The moment these epicentres of terrorism are obliterated, terrorism will be evaporated and world will take a sigh of great relief.

  5. Turks should pull their heads outa there arses and find out where the real stink is coming from..had plenty of chances to take the lead on this one.. yet continue to stumble.. will find themselves on the wrong side of history again!!!!

  6. For Erdogan it is very difficult to find the proper solution and answers for this situation. I can say there is no good solution, he has to find the least bad.

  7. I dont like erdogan. But he is doing rigth in this case. Let them terrorists ( isis_ pyd) kill each others. There is no civillian in kobane. We took them in turkey. Besides where was NATO while pkk, pyd were killing our thousands of soldiers and civil people in Turkey?. They killed their own kurdish people , kurdish soldiers who fights for this country. Pure terrorists who talks about Kurdistan… killing babies, childs and dreaming a country of their own. We are living in peace with my kurdish friends in here, we are eating together, helping each other , working together… those people who fights as kurdish soldiers are terrorist just like ISIS. The real kurdish people wants to live in peace in this country. And kobane people who run from fight to turkey, they did not stand there with PYD cause they know that fact too. Sorry about my english not good enough im afraid.ISIS and PYD can go to hell. I dont care. Also i dont belive turkey helps isis. I mean at the begining we did not create them right?

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