Thursday, August 11, 2022


France grants citizenship to Muslim saved hostages’ lives in Jewish food shop


( On Thursday, the French Interior Ministry announced that, it will grant French citizenship to a Muslim Mali man who saved the lives of hostages in a Jewish food shop about a week ago, indicating that it will hold an official ceremony on the occasion.

The ministry said in a press statement reported by Reuters and followed by, “The French citizenship will be granted to a 24-year-old Muslim from Mali named Hassan Bathily. He works in Jewish Hyper Cashier shop in Paris. He hid shoppers away from an Islamic militant.”

French Interior added, “After this courageous act carried out by Bathily during the hostage-taking situation in Hyper Cashier shop last Friday, the Interior Ministry will speed up the consideration of his application for citizenship,” noting that, “There will be a formal ceremony on this occasion in the 20th of this month.”

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