Free Syrian Army advances toward ISIS-held city of al-Bab with Turkish air cover

Members of the Turkish backed free Syrian Army.
Members of the Turkish backed free Syrian Army.

( Baghdad – Forces from the Free Syrian Army started an assault to retake the Syrian city of al-Bab from the ISIS grip, backed by Turkish air strikes, with the operation ‘The Euphrates Shield,’ CNN Arabic reported on Monday.

Mohamed Nour, Media Official in one of the groups fighting under the Free Syrian Army (FSA), said in a press statement, “The Syrian opposition forces managed to retake eight villages near al-Bab city, and they are advancing to liberate the city during the third phase of the operation.”

Turkish Army also revealed in a statement that its aircraft conducted 16 air strikes targeting 15 points belonging to the Islamic state in the city of al-Bab on Sunday, destroying two headquarters, ten defense locations and a cache of weapons.

A statement released by the Turkish Chiefs of Staff Command said that 9 members of the Free Syrian Army were killed and 52 others were wounded during confrontations against the ISIS militants, as well as wounding 4 members of the Turkish Army with mild injuries.

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