Sunday, August 14, 2022


Iraq admits Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian RG fight alongside Iraqi security forces

Lebanese Hezbollah leader, Ibrahim Haji, killed while fighting in Iraq against ISIL.
Photo of Lebanese Hezbollah leader, Ibrahim Haji, who was the first member of Hezbollah killed while fighting in Iraq against ISIS in July, 2014. Image credit Al-Manar TV.

Baghdad ( Iraqi military and political leaders were finally forced to acknowledge that Lebanese Hezbollah fighters are in Iraq fighting alongside local militias and Iraqi government security forces in support of the war against ISIS after the funeral of two Hezbollah fighters was held on Sunday, November 9, 2014 and attended by prominent religious and militias figures in the holy city of Najaf.

A senior Iraqi military official in the Defense Ministry, who requested anonymity, said, “Between 150 to 200 fighters from the Lebanese Hezbollah have been present in Iraq for months to support Iraqi forces and local militias, in addition to training new young volunteers who follow the fatwa of Jihad as announced by the religious authority, Ali al-Sistani.”

The Iraqi official added, “Hezbollah fighters played an important role in restoring control over large parts of Jurf Al-Sakhar (located 40 kilometers north of the province of Babylon) from ISIS through an operation called ‘Khyber’, launched by militias last week.”

The official also confirmed that the Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas have been involved for days in regaining control over the strategic oil refinery city of Baiji, south of Salahuddin province, along with fighters from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and several militias. has reported extensively about Hezbollah and IRG ground troop support and aid to Iraq:

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