Syrian Interim government announces forming “National Army”

Syrian Interim government announces forming National Army
Leaders of the Interim Government during the meeting.

(Iraqi News) The Syrian Interim Government, which has been formed by the Syrian opposition, announced forming the Syrian National Army, after many calls to unify the fragmented factions of the Free Syrian Army.

Syria News reported, today, that the Syrian Interim Government – the alternative government of the Syrian opposition – announced forming the “Syrian National Army” that gathers all factions of the Free Syrian Army.

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  1. Now three national armies?

    NSA (new syrian army = SDF)
    SNA (Syrian National Army = (T)FSA, AAS and others)

  2. So far US-Zionist conspirators and terrorists have destroyed and fragmented Iraq. Iraqi government
    in Baghdad is turning out to be a US puppet government with many cabinet positions held by Kurds
    loyal only to US and Kurdish leaders trying to divide Iraq and the region. US does not want to leave
    Iraq, but wants to maintain permanent occupation, and control the oil. US must be driven out of
    Iraq, and Russia must be invited into Iraq to push out US terrorist alliance.

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