Friday, January 21, 2022


Iran denies Pentagon claims it has carried out air strikes in Iraq


( On Wednesday, Iran denied Pengaton claims it has carried air strikes against ISIS after a footage released by al-Jazeera showed what was believed to be Iran’s US-made F-4 warplanes flying over western Ramadi.

An Iranian official denied Pentagon claims today, saying that cooperation with the United States in such attacks is out of question. His denial comes after Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby announced, that Iran was involved in raids in western Ramadi, located in eastern Iraq, pointing out to the footage that showed F-4 warplanes carrying out air strikes in Iraq was the evidence, but also noting that the United States and Iran had not coordinated over the air strikes.

Noteworthy, some Iranian military leaders previously stated, that dozens of soldiers from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have been deployed in northern Iraq alongside Kurdish Peshmerga troops fighting ISIS.


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