Iran forms Shiite Liberation Army, to be deployed in Arab countries

The Leader in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Major general Qasem Soleimani.
Leader in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Major General Qasem Soleimani. (File Photo)

( Baghdad – Iran has formed what it calls the Shiite Liberation Army whose units will be deployed in Arab countries. The army has been formed under the command of Major General Qasem Soleimani- commander of Quds Force.

Head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, General Mohamed Ali Falaki, in a statement issued to the media said, “The forces that belong to this army are not just Iranians. Anywhere where there is a fight, we organize and supply the army from the people of these areas.”

It may be mentioned here that Iran is fighting on three fronts- Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Falaki, in his statement while talking with regard to Syria said that it was not wise for the Iranian forces to be directly asked to jump into war in Syria.

“Our role should be limited to train, supply, and prepare the Syrians to fight in their areas,” Falaki added.


Adding further he said, “These troops that are currently fighting in Syria alongside the Pakistani ‘Zanbion’ forces, Iraqi ‘Haidarion’ forces, as well as Hezbollah legion that includes Iraqi Hezbollah militia and Syrian Hezbollah militia are fighting under the command of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.”


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  1. In other words, Iran is planning more misery and destruction for the Arab world. If I did not already know how the wars in Iraq and Syria have been draining Iranian resources and putting a strain on its weak economy, I might really be worried.

    • The only misery and destruction come from the Takfiri terrorists, used as a tool by the US and Israel, with help of some very known Arab countries!!!
      Where were the Arabs when Irak needed help??? Where were they for Syria???
      Even Daech has had more help from Arabs than Irak or even Syria, and don’t worry about Iran economy, it’s not them that are asking for donations to wage a war on a friendly country aka : Yemen.

    • If arabs form joint army against yemeni innocent ppl that is ok.even blind can say that middle east chaos is becoz of saudi qatar n uae stupid needs courage to fight against barbaric western intervention in middle east which simply arabs dont have..I dont understand why muslims cant distinguish between right and wrong,why cant they keep favouritism and sunni and shia aside..

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