Iran’s army in ‘high alert’ along Iraq border, considers joining anti-ISIS coalition

The commander of Army's Ground Forces in Iran Ahmad Reza Pourdastan
The commander of Army’s Ground Forces in Iran Ahmad Reza Pourdastan

( On Monday Iran’s Army went into a state of high alert along its border with Iraq after the Iranian government announced its willingness to join the international coalition against ISIS.

The commander of the Army’s Ground Forces, General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan, noted of Iran’s readiness to hit deep into Iraq and stated today for the ISNA news agency, “Iran went into a state of “high alert” along the border with Iraq and the Iranian Army is ready to defend the western border of the country and carry on the offensive on the extensive borders”

According to Reuters, Iran changed its tune after a meeting in New York with US Secretary of State John Kerry regarding both their nuclear program and ISIS, seemingly indicating that the Iranian government is ready to cooperate with the United States to fight against ISIS in exchange for breathing room in their uranium enrichment program.

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