Iran’s Revolutionary Guards executes 12 Assad’s forces elements



( According to Syrian sources from Daraa, 12 military elements of the Syrian Army, mostly officers, have been executed for treason, because of their communication with the Syrian rebels.

The execution came after the arrival of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani to Daraa to supervise the battles and replace the old Army leadership, which was accused of collaboration with the rebels, while the opposition leader had vowed to wage wars against the regime forces and Hezbollah, which began a major offensive against the rebels in the border area near Israel and Jordan.

The opposition alliance leader said earlier that the battle against the regime would last longer and and the regime would incur substantial losses.


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  1. Sayad khorasani and sayad eamenne will come forward to help imam mahidi. and his flag will be black. The friends of jews and christans are not the friends of imam mahidi.

  2. The Persian Satrap of Syria is executing Assad’s forces for not following orders. Beware people of Iraq. be careful what you wish for because you just might get it all and then something you don’t want.

  3. Yeah right, I used to share your news to major groups but not after this bs. You can say all the crap you want only idiot sheep will believe your lies.

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