Iraqi missiles fall on Syrian Hasakah, 6 casualties

Iraqi missiles fall on Syrian Hasakah, 6 casualties
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Hasakah (Syria News) One civilian was killed and 5 others were wounded, on Thursday, in an Iraqi shelling on Suwaidiyah Crossing Border, in the city of Hasakah, Manager of the crossing border said.

Sayamind Othman, Manager of Suwaidiyah Crossing Border, said that some missiles fell near Suwaidiyah Crossing Border in the Syrian territory, due to the ongoing clashes taking place near al-Waleed crossing border the Iraqi side, killing one person and wounding five others.

“Till now we are unable to identify whether the casualties are civilians or the security members of the crossing border,” Othman added.

The wounded were transferred to the National Hospital in Direk City, northeast of Hasakeh.

The missiles fell while clashes were taking place between the Iraqi forces, backed al-Hashd al-Shaabi militias, and the Peshmerga forces, near al-Waleed crossing border with Syria.

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