ISIS attack wounds 4 Turkish soldiers in northern Iraq

Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( Turkish officials have said on Wednesday, that four Turkish soldiers were wounded during an attack that was carried out by the ISIS on a military base in northern Iraq.

The officials were quoted in a report published by Reuters as saying: “On Wednesday, four Turkish soldiers were wounded in an attack by fighters belonging to the ISIS on a base in northern Iraq,” adding that, “The Turkish forces responded by returning fire.”

Earlier today, a security source in Nineveh province stated, that the Turkish troops in Zlican Camp had been exposed to mortar shelling by militants north of the city of Mosul.


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  1. Iraqi forces should have prevented that from occurring and should have at least apologised to the Turkey Government and in particular apologised to the wounded Turkish soldiers.

    • Why should Iraqi forces apologize when they didn’t do the assault? They are fighting as much as they can to eliminate ISIS. Better Turkey should have apologized to Iraq. Erdogan has a double agenda claimed to start bombing terrorists but bombed the Kurds. The only reliable partner to fight ISIS. Meanwhile ISIS soldiers where helped in Turkisch hospitals and went back crossed border with approval of the Turkish borderpatrol. Video also shows ISIS fighters crossing teh border out of Syria into Turkey. Talk with Turkisch soldiers, collecting weaponry and going back into Syria. This because Erdogan want ISIS also to beat Assad. Only now this all came clear (MEANWHILE HE JAILED 2 JOURNALISTS WHO REPORTED ALSO THESE facts) and pressure is on Turkey to deliver not only by Europe but also Russia, only now he starts to attack ISIS.

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