ISIS destroys 2 warplanes & 6 drones in KhalKhalah airbase in Syria

ISIS destroys 2 warplanes & 6 drones in KhalKhalah airbase in Syria
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As-Suwayda (Syria News) The Islamic State group announced, on Wednesday, destroying two warplanes belong to the Syrian regime in an attack launched on Khalhkalah Airbase, in the northern countryside of As-Suwayda.

The ISIS-owned Amaq news agency reported that the Islamic State militants destroyed two warplanes and six drones in Khalkhalah Airbase in the last few hours.

The Syrian regime did not comment on the ISIS attack, while a number of pro-regime media outlets stated that the attack was in fact an attempt to sneak into the airbase, but was foiled by the security forces.

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  1. The vast wave of Syrian victory is sweeping up to Allepo on the A5, with it is a change of thought that, we don’t want a second Otoman Empire and the Kurds might join the SAA, and America is going. The smell through Syria is victory, momentum to a free Country and a blank slate to start again and HOPE.

  2. ISIS is US coalition in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and other regions of the world. US can no longer hide
    it’s partnership with terrorists throughout the world. The Russians are coming thank God.

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