ISIS “lost momentum” in Iraq and Syria, says CIA Director

The director of CIA, John Brennan
The director of CIA, John Brennan

( CIA director John Brennan said on Sunday, that ISIS group has lost momentum in Iraq and Syria, noting that the group no longer progresses like it did before, considering that Iran not an ally in the war against ISIS.

Brennan said on ‘Fox News Sunday’ that, “Clearly, ISIS momentum inside of Iraq and Syria has been blunted and it has been stopped,” noting that, “The United States and its allies have been conducting airstrikes against ISIS since last summer, and Iraqi forces have recently regained key strategic cities from the militants.

“Our working with the Iraqis and the Iraqis now trying to push back against it, it is having some great, I think, progress,” he continued.

Brennan said that although the United States and Iran are fighting the extremist group, but he did not consider Iran an ally in this fight. “Iran realizes it will face enormous repercussions and consequences if it decides to proceed with the manufacture of nuclear weapons efforts.”


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  1. Iran is the only nation fighting with terrorism along with Iraqis, and Syrians and if USA is serious about terrorism, it should obliterate Saudi Arabia, Qatar. Turkey Jordan, UAE, Egypt, Libya and Pakistan as these are the epicentres of terrorism.

  2. The real center of terrorism in the region is the fact that church and state are not separate. As long as the Mullah empire reigns and dictates how people will live and the government will govern, there is little chance for lasting peace. Mullah dopers, uneducated and one dimensional in their world view are like a huge, slowly growing cancer. Iran is the epicenter of the Mullah empire and the Iranian people are the direct victims of these hashish kinngs.

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