ISIS is seeking to recruit Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar

A group of Rohingya in a center for illegal immigrants
A group of Rohingya in a center for illegal immigrants

( Experts warned of the possibility of ISIS to recruit fighters from Rohingya Muslims, who are fleeing from Myanmar in an expansive step for the organization in Asia.

Nearly 100,000 of Rohingya Muslims have been fleeing from Myanmar region due to ethnic persecution over the past years, which raise fears that ISIS will go to the recruitment of these elements, especially if they were from asylum seekers in Malaysia and Indonesia, according to a report by the “Newsweek” newspaper.

About 700 Indonesian and 200 Malaysian are fighting in the ranks of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, which called on Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for commenting on the importance of South-East Asia for ISIS, saying: “Southeast Asia is a major recruitment center for ISIS”.


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  1. The Rohingya who are Muslims are being persecuted by the Burmese who are of the Buddhist religion. The Rohingya choose to flee rather than fight, so I doubt that they would fight for ISIS as they will not fight to save their own life in Burma. Both Malaysia and Indonesia are Muslim countries and they are helping the Rohingya so I doubt the Rohingya would fight for ISIS even in Malaysia and Indonesia.

  2. Rohingya people practice Sunni Islam and looks like they originally came from Saudi Arabia and mostly migrated to Burma and Bangladesh. These are estimated populations and what country.
    Burma 800,000
    Saudi Arabia 400,000
    Bangladesh 500,000
    Pakistan 200,000
    Thailand 100,000
    Malaysia 40,070

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