ISIS seizes 325 villages along Syria’s border with Turkey

A photograph from over the Turkish border with Syria. Representation photo.
A photograph from over the Turkish border with Syria. (AP)

Ankara ( On Thursday the Human Rights Observatory in Syria reported that ISIS militants have taken control of 325 of 354 villages near Kobani and the Turkish border in northern Syria.

“They’re killing us on the Turkish border; that makes us very angry. There’s no humanity from Turkey, no humanity from Europe or anywhere else in the world,” said Maslum Bergadan, a Syrian refugee who fled to Turkey.

The US-led coalition has launched several air strikes on ISIS positions around Kobani, but it never stopped the militant group from advancing on the Kurdish town.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan said last Tuesday that Turkey will consider joining the military operations in Iraq and Syria, and affirmed it cannot stay out of the alliance against ISIS.

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