ISIS shoot down Syrian warplane in Deir al-Zour

ISIS members. File photo.
ISIS members. File photo.

( Baghdad – ISIS confirmed on Sunday about shooting down a Syrian warplane in Deir al-Zour in eastern Syria.

Media reports, quoting ISIS news affiliate al-Amaq, said, “A fighter jet belonging to the Syrian forces was downed by ISIS in Deir al-Zour.”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, “The pilot of the Syrian fighter jet died, indicating that the plane was shot down in Tharde Mount area southern Deir Ezzor air base.”

The Observatory had earlier reported of intense air strikes during the last 24 near Deir ez-Zor.


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  1. USA has armed the rebels so once again is it a USA mistake…US has invaded 5 Arab countries too many.

  2. I don’t think the US armed ISIL or intentionally bombed the Syrian positions. In fact, the air strike was immediately called off when Russian command center informed the US command of the mistake. The US has admitted to a mistake and it was not just US warplanes but also coalition aircraft. Now, for more than 2 years Iran has been spreading the propaganda that the US formed and backed ISIL without a shred of evidence. At the same time, the US has been responsible for 97% of all airstrikes against ISIL position in Iraq and 92% of airstrikes in Syria resulting in at least 35000 dead and major decapitation of ISIL leadership. However, with this being said, the sooner the destruction of human life in Iraq and Syria is over the better. I just hope Abadi keeps to his plan of taking Mosul this year!

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