Islamic State attacks 2 Syrian army convoys near Sukhna

Islamic State attacks 2 Syrian army convoys near Sukhna
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Homs (Syria News) The self-proclaimed Islamic State group attacked two convoys belonging to the Syrian army, and its allied militias, near the city of al-Sukhna, east of Homs.

Qasioun News reported, today, that the Islamic State militants attacked two convoys that belong to the Syrian army, near the city of Sukhna, east of Homs Province, amid clashes between the two sides in the city.

Meanwhile, Islamic State group announced that its militants attacked the convoys while they were moving toward the city of Sukhna, east of Homs, killing and wounding large number of security members, in addition to destroying several vehicles.

The convoys included tanks, armored vehicles and military buses that were carrying several Syrian troops and allied militants.

It is noteworthy that Syrian army, backed by foreign militias managed, at dawn yesterday, to recapture several military headquarters belonging to the Islamic state in the city of Sukhna after violent clashes.

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