Islamic State militants, civilians killed, injured in U.S.-Coalition airstrikes, east of Deir az-Zour

International coalition aircraft. File photo.

Deir az-Zour ( The U.S.-led Coalition has carried out four airstrikes against al-Shaafa village, near Iraqi-Syrian borders, east of Deir az-Zour, leaving more than twenty Islamic State members killed, while some other civilians wounded, local sources from east of Euphrates said on Thursday.

Speaking to BasNews, the sources said the first airstrike targeted militants in the village, killing 11 militants, and injuring others, including four civilians.

The second airstrike, according to the sources, targeted a house in al-Hasya region, leaving four others, believed to be civilians, killed.

The third airstrike targeted an Islamic State vehicle on al-Ramtha road, leaving four militants killed, while two other militants were killed as the fourth airstrike targeted a vehicle.

The number of the killed people due to the airstrikes could increase as result of the serious injuries.

Islamic State controls small region, east of Deir az-Zour at the south of Hasaka near Iraqi borders, where the Syrian Democratic Forces carry out operations, backed by the U.S. coalition to get the militants out of it.

In May, SDF, backed by Washington, announced resuming the battles to retake the last pockets of IS in east of Syria, after suspending the operations when Turkey started in January attack against Efrin, controlled by the U.S.-led Coalition in northwest of Syria.

The troops announced in September launching the Operation al-Jazeera Storm to liberate the eastern countryside of Deir az-Zour province.

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