Islamic State militants deliver menace to Kuwait in latest video

Islamic State militants. File photo.

Baghdad ( Individuals claiming to be Islamic State militants have threatened Kuwait  with an overwhelming war in a latest video posted on Saturday, saying that an 2015 attack it carried out there was “a slap on the hand”.

The video sowed three  masked militants, two hoisting the group’s black flag, while a third stands at the forefront reading the statement. The identity of the individuals and the filming location could not be verified.

The militants threatened to engage the oil-rich Gulf kingdom with “ a war that it cannot endure”, vowing to make Kuwaitis “try the taste of explosive belts”.

They said the attack on Imam Jaafar Assadiq Shia mosque in June 2015, which killed at least 27, was “just a slap on the hand”, adding that they abstained from repeating attacks out of “sympathy with people of the Sunnah”.

Islamic State militants adopt an extreme version of the Sunni branch of Islam which considers Shia Muslims as apostates. While Kuwait is ruled by a Sunni royalty, it is home to a considerable Shia community.

IS militants, taking Iraq and Syria as the base of their self-styled “caliphate”, have claimed responsibility for numerous bloody attacks in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the United States. A U.S.-led coalition is backing Iraqi government forces and Syrian rebels in their efforts to clear the two country from militants



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  1. There coming for you ISIS.
    Make sure to travel to Kuwait in convoys, so you scumbags
    can be blown of the face of the earth.

  2. They do know there is a US base in Kuwait! They couldn’t even hold Mosul and real soon they will be out of Telafar. I think this is them saying we will go back to hiding among citizens like the cowards we are. 95% of the world’s population want you eradicated your nothing more than the cockroaches of civilization.

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