Israel and Syria: Israeli aircraft conducts airstrikes on Western Daraa

Israel and Syria: Israeli aircraft conducts airstrikes on Western Daraa
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Daraa (Syria News) Ten fighters of the Islamic State group were killed, on Monday, in Israeli air strikes that were carried out on the town of Sham, in western Daraa, escalating the tension between Israel and Syria.

Qasioun News reported that ten fighters of the pro-ISIS Jaysh Khaled Ibn al-Waleed (Khaled Ibn al-Waleed Army) were killed, today, in air strikes carried out by Israeli warplanes on the town of Sham, in western Daraa.

Meanwhile, local sources informed that the Israeli airstrikes hit Sahm Town, which located in Golan Heights in western Daraa Province, killing 10 militants and 2 women, who believed to be militant’s wives, while Israeli army didn’t comment about the air strikes.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli army carried out several air strikes, few months ago, killing over 16 fighters of the pro-Islamic State Khaled Ibn al-Waleed militia in the same area.

Jayesh Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed was formed in 2016, after merging a number of militias including Yarmouk martyrs brigade, which is listed as a terror group by the United States.

It is also worth mentioning that the tension between Israel and Syria is escalating especially after the Israeli warplanes conducted air strikes, targeting anti-warplanes weapons and rockets launchers belonging to the Syrian army, near an army’s headquarters, east of Damascus, following a Syrian army missiles attack on Israeli jets, which were flying over Lebanon.

After the incident, Avichay Adaree, the spokesman for the Israeli Defense Army revealed that Israel has no interest in escalating the situation.

However, Israel conducted other air strikes, destroying 3 artillery vehicles belonging to the Syrian regime forces, near Golan Heights, after the Syrian army fired five missiles towards the occupied lands.

Adaree also said in tweets, “If there is an escalation in the fire, its continuation will face an Israeli escalation in response,” adding that, “the IDF will not tolerate any attempt to undermine the sovereignty of the State of Israel and the security of its population.”

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