Israel wages air raids on Gaza Strip without casualties

Israel wages air raids on Gaza Strip without casualties

( The Israeli war aircrafts waged, on Monday, a raid on a training camp for Hamas Movement in Gaza Strip without causing casualties as eyewitnesses reported.

Witnesses reported that “The raid also targeted Nuseirat refugees’ camp in central Gaza Strip.”

Palestinian militants fired, over past few days, rockets from Gaza Strip on south of Israel without causing casualties, the Israeli Army said, meanwhile a Salafi (Islamic Extremist) Group adopted some campaigns of shelling rockets in Gaza.

The recent surge of violence between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza Strip in 18-23, July, resulted in killing 15 Palestinians, mostly militants, and injuring dozens by Israeli air raids on the Strip.

In return, about 155 rockets, and artillery shells fell on Israel leaving five wounded among them four of border guards.

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