Khamenei: America is supporting ISIS in Iraq to justify its dual practices

The Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. File photo.

( The Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei accused the United States of supporting the so-called ISIS in Iraq, while called for the unity of the Islamic countries to fight against the terrorist groups, stressing that Iran is feeling a sense of brotherhood towards the Muslim countries.

Khamenei said in a press statement quoted by the Iranian semi-official news agency “Fars” and followed by, “The American support for ISIS in Iraq is a form of the insincere practice by different coalitions that claim to fight terrorism in order to justify their dual practices,” asserting that, “The Islamic countries can remove this threat through sincere cooperation.”

Khamenei added, “The Islamic countries are facing, today, the risk of active terrorist groups,” claiming that, “Some of the Western powers do not want the unity of the Islamic states.”

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