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KSA intercepts 5 drones launched by Houthis on Abha Airport

 KSA intercepts 5 drones launched by Houthis on Abha Airport

Abha Airport. File photo.

KSA intercepts 5 drones launched by Houthis on Abha Airport
Abha Airport. File photo.

(IraqiNews) The Saudi-led military coalition announced, yesterday, that Saudi forces managed to intercept five drones launched by Houthi rebels on Abha Airport. The attack is the second one conducted by Houthis on the airport in two days.

The coalition revealed that the drones targeted Abha Airport, where a missile fired last week injured 26 civilians, while it also targeted the nearby city of Khamis Mushait that has a key airbase.

In a press statement, the coalition said, “Royal Saudi Air Force and Royal Saudi Air Defense, on Friday morning, intercepted and brought down five drones launched by the Houthi militia on Abha International Airport and Khamis Mushait Province.”

It also added that the airport is functioning probably, and there is no delay in the flights and passengers’ traffic.

Earlier, the pro-Houthis Massera TV channel announced that the Houthi militias launched a drones attack on Abha Airport. Houthis, who have been facing constant coalition raids since 2015, intensified their attacks lately using missiles and drones across the borders.

Last Wednesday, a missile hit a civilian airport in the mountainous city of Abha, which considered a destination for Saudis during the summer to escape high temperatures in Riyadh and Jeddah.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch considered the Houthi attack on Abha Airport as an apparent war crime, while urged the Houthis to immediately halt attacks on civilian infrastructure in Saudi Arabia.

“The illegal raids by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen do not justify the Houthi attacks on Saudi civilians,” Michael Paige, deputy director of the HRW for the Middle East and North Africa.

Last Thursday, Saudi Arabia accused Iran of “ordering the Yemeni rebels to launch an attack on Abha Airport, while warned of serious consequences.

It is noteworthy, since 2014, Yemen has been embroiled in a dispute between Houthis, who were accused of receiving support from Iran, and the Yemeni government forces. The conflict escalated with the intervention of a Saudi-led military coalition in March 2015, to back the recognized Yemeni government.

The conflict has killed thousands of people, including many civilians, according to various humanitarian organizations.

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