Libya: air embargo at south as army strikes against terrorists escalate


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A Libyan army warplane

Baghdad ( Libyan army aviation imposed an air embargo at the southern region as it escalated strikes at Chadian armed groups and purported terrorist elements there.

Libya Channel said on its website that army warplanes targeted three gatherings of “Chadian (opposition) gangs and their allies near the town of Marzak. It pointed that an earlier order from the air force operations declared an embargo on landing and flying at the southern region except through a clearance from the command.

It explained that any plane that does not abide by forcible landing orders would be designated as a target, including foreign planes.

The Libyan army, led by east-based influential General Khalifa Haftar, has recently beefed up deployment in southern areas to confront so-called criminal elements, including Chadian armed groups.

Libya has been witnessing a soaring presence of extremist militias and warring armed groups of various affiliations since the ouster of late leader Muammar Gadhafi in 2011, whose death tore the country between an elected parliament in the south, backed by Haftar, and an internationally-recognized cabinet in the west.


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