Masses of Bahrain call world leaders to stop violations against Bahraini people

Masses of Bahrain call world leaders to stop violations against Bahraini people

( The Bahraini masses called upon leaders and representatives of the world who will meet during the coming days in Geneva for discussing the Bahraini issue, to take effective resolutions to stop the violations and oppression against the people of Bahrain.

A statement by the Bahraini masses on eve of the International Day of Democracy reported that “Masses took into the street again on the eve of the International Day of Democracy.”

A mass peaceful rally under the title of “Insistent on Democracy” stressed that the demand of majority in Bahrain is to realize a democratic transition in the country. The popular movement is most likely the longest among other pro-democracy Arab Spring struggles. The people of Bahrain will not stop or give up unless a real democracy which is based on (the people are the source of all powers) is fulfilled.”

“These masses call all world leaders and representatives, who are supposed to meet within coming days in Geneva to discuss the situation in Bahrain, to take effective resolutions which can stop the ongoing human rights violations in Bahrain. Crackdown and brutal security campaigns are being re-produced after each major step. The oppressive situation after BICI report is the same as before. The situation after May UPR session in Geneva continues with outrageous human right violations; including extrajudicial killing, torture, discrimination, humiliation, vindictive trials and the absence of State. More than 50 different types of violations have been documented against the people of Bahrain,”the statement added.

The statement continued “Masses in Bahrain emphasized that the international community is requested to seriously take its efficient humanitarian role to protect the people of Bahrain. Today, it is necessity to open a special OHCHR representative office in Bahrain, as the regime has a serious lack in the basics of credibility and adherence to the international obligations which aim to protect the people from the regime brutality. ”

“The regime always lies and falsifies when it comes to the issue of implementing the international obligations. Misleading and fabricated information is communicated to the world, relying on a whitewash process managed by the power of money and PR companies,” it confirmed.

“We believe that adopting the transition to real democracy is the only way to solve the crisis in Bahrain. All other workarounds and promises will complicate the crisis more, and will grow it longer,” the statement concluded.

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