Mecca and Medina are main ISIS target, says Hassan Nasrallah

The Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah
The Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah


( Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah said that Mecca and Medina are the main targets of ISIS, not Jerusalem, pointing out that its caliphate cannot prevail without the Two Holy Mosques, and that the Iraqis had prevented the terrorist group from accessing the Gulf.

Nasrallah said in a speech in the anniversary of the ‘Martyrs Leaders’ reported by, “The whole world acknowledged that ISIS has become a threat to the security of the region and the world. It is only Israel that does not consider it a threat,” pointing out that, “ISIS and other terrorist organizations do whatever serves the power of Israel and United States.”

“The murder of the Jordanian pilot Moaz Kasasbeh is horrid, and the beheading of the Egyptian Christians in Libya is shameful and horrible,” he added, warning that, “ISIS will open new fronts.”

Nasrallah also stated that the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was appointed a Prince of Mecca and Medina, because ISIS succession cannot hold without the Two Holy Mosques, pointing out that the main ISIS target is not Jerusalem, but Mecca and Medina.

Nasrallah said that the Iraqis prevented ISIS from reaching Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and added, “We must approach the situation in Iraq in a different way and instead of feeding the sectarian strife, let all the sects defend their lands and oil and help eliminate ISIS.”


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  1. Jerusalem and liberation of palestine is second agenda of ISIS BUT the first mission is to liberate the surrounding areas of mecca and medina. but iran and its hizzbul shar are looking for the capture of mecca and medina

    • ISIS is creation of Zionist regime of Israel in connivance with the US puppet regimes in middle east (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE), Turkey and Pakistan. Hezbollah, Syria and Iran stopped the advances of terrorists and soon by the Grace of Almighty Allah will liberate the Palestine, and will free Iraq and Syria from terrorists whereas the Saudi Arabia and Qatar will be ruined by themselves as the way they have been exploiting their oil and energy reserves will lead them to bankruptcy in next few decades.

  2. these terrorists bábaros always want something to terrorist mais.estes, as his cruel liar and leader and its cells must be captured and exterminados.não will be long because the nations are already organizing, yet it will take some time and yet many people morrerão.estes child rapists have to pay at least with death.

  3. Nasrallah is silly.
    Israel is busy being worried about Iran getting nukes, and incursion from its neighbors.
    ISIS does whatever helps the power of Israel and the U.S.? How? By seeking to build a caliphate that they hope will take over the world? By seeking to foster home-grown terrorism in the U.S.? By threatening to kill the President of the United States, and swearing that one day it’s flag will be raised on White House? —- The problem with America’s reluctance to respond sits almost entirely with Obama, and his fundamentally Marxist beliefs. He believes that the cause of people becoming terrorists is a lack of jobs for them, rather converting to an ideology. Obama believes the solution is giving them jobs, not defeating them. [In the case of ISIS, however, the cause is an ideology of bringing about the coming of the last caliphate, the last Mahdi, and the return of Isa through conquest. If Muslims resist their jihad, they are considered heretics to be killed, along with Christians, Jews, and infidels.] If ISIS wants to take control of Mecca and Medina, and they likely do, it fits perfectly with their objectives. They clearly believe that their interpretation and practice of Islam is the only one that should exist. What better way to hold the central power in Islam than siezing control of Mecca and Medina?

    • Stu,my conlusion is tht you have no direct train of thought.Blaming America and its alies will not by far solve the isis malady.Lets think of ways to go full frontal attack on them,and what a better planner than Israel on this account!

  4. Nasarallah is stuck in a narrow mind set. Tunnel vision. Israel and most people in the US would like to kill all IS monsters except maybe our president who would rather sit down and discuss their objectives. Israel I believe, believes this is Islams fight
    So Nasarallah is being stuck in his mindset.

    • Israel “believes this is Islams” fight. Do you have any idea how naive that is? Israel is not a well mannered individual set on teaching self responsibility. They are a belligerent actor contributing to the violence, that much is well established. They are not just contributing to some of the violence and then letting some of it go like, “not my problem”. You fail to understand the gravity of modern warfare and just how involved a modern state with technology like the U.S. and Israel have when something is in their self interest.

  5. After you finally figured it out why are you not helping them make their way into your enemies lair?
    After IS slaughters he fake royal families in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait I suppose you’ll help Israel keep them at bay? Ha!

  6. ISIL is retreating on all of its fronts in both – Syria, particularly at Kobane where ISIL has been driven out of that city, and in Iraq particularly at Baghdad where it had to retreat from the outskirts and surrounding area and had to move all the way back to Mosul where ISIL is being besieged at Mosul.

    If al-Baghdadi opens up any new fronts then he will have to commit all of his reserves from the rear, plus use some troops from defended areas therefore weakening them to attack. And any new front will in time be halted and it will also be soon forced to retreat. Note al-Baghdadi’s recent offensive at Anbar where that has failed and ISIL is being driven back. Also note what;s happening now in a massive operation to liberate Tikrit from ISIS begins. Yes ISIL is gradually being driven back across all of ISIL’s fronts.

    Al-Baghdadi is desperate to win at anything as his troops are starting to see that they are loosing and would be thinking that they should be winning lots of big great victories if they were doing what God wants. Already some foreign troops have tried to leave to go back to their own countries and ISIL is stopping them and killing them very brutally, this to discourage any more from trying to leave.

    All things considered and if al-Baghdadi opens any new front he will shorten the war which would end sooner rather than much later. Al-Baghdadi is in the same position that Adolph Hitler was during the later part of WW2 when Hitler launched a major German offensive campaign in the “Battle of the Bulge”, for this he used his reserves plus took some troops away from defensive positions so that he could have the strength to launch that offensive, so if al-Baghdadi was to do any new offensive he would also have to use his reserves plus take some troops from defensive roles. Just like Hitler if al-Baghdadi new fronts fail then he will shorten the war just like happened when Hitler’s new front failed, but al-Baghdadi does desperately needs a a big great victory to happen, and happen soon as his army is starting to fall apart from too much defeating and having to retreat and will no real gains anywhere in quite a long time.

    So al-Baghdadi please do launch your new fronts as all it will achieve is a shortening of the war against you and your forces.

    • Israel enjoy and foment it to bring more destruction to Muslim countries and killings of Muslim by Muslim. Hence They tacitly enjoy what ISIL is doing. US, is confused with its different agenda in the region. I believe, while they are against ISIL in public and contributing to ISIL defeat by their air strikes, at the same time somehow some of their moves from the beginning till now was/is fishy. There are some good reports about it in some media and Iraqi parliament is investigating it. I hope the US fix its mistakes and will not repeat them. It is an absolute image killer.

      • ddr as you mentioned “some good reports about it in some media and Iraqi parliament is investigating it”?

        The only reports that I know in the media and the Iraqi Parliament was the other day when MP Hakim Zamili mentioned International Coalition planes were delivering weapons and ammunition to ISIL, he said that there was photos and documents, also about planes were landing at Mosul and some other places.

        Zamili did not mention any country and several countries in the International Coalition have planes flying in Iraq. Have you any proof that it was US planes or are you just assuming he meant US planes?

        Zamili has not provided a copy of the photos and documents to anyone, and have not been verified if they are genuine or fakes, or may even be ISIL propaganda. The photos and documents could have been from many years ago and well before ISIL invaded Iraq.
        Now about you saying something about “some good reports…..”, could you please tell us some details about this or are you again assuming something.

        Could you please tell us some more as to what you mean.

        • EddySaf, Thank you for being concern. I read that they are American. But I believe those who say it is American they are assuming: nothing can occur from Coalition side or even Turkey without the US knowledge/approval. There were photo of dropped ammunition bundle dated 2014 and some other English written stuff. This is reported by Shia forces in battlefield of northeast of Baghdad (between tikrit and Kirkok areas). They reported that airplane landed or in another instance helicopter dropped boxes while ISIL was running out of ammunition. This was while ago. But in last week or so there was similar report in Al Anbar province and as I remember a group called Hezbollah of Iraq (again a Shia Militia) reported it.
          It is hard for me to believe US doing it, But everybody has a dark side. If I ignore conspiracy theory and just think straight, I believe the reports are correct but maybe Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, … are doing it. Still US might be aware of it but might want to look the other way and not to create friction with its traditional allies in the region, no matter what they are doing.
          I think, even if US is not doing it, US needs to get to the bottom of it and talk about it clearly with Iraqi people and government, otherwise the distrust will grow. I always believe, politics should not hurt good military efforts but add to it.

        • FYI, there is another one mentioned in this site ( today, 2/20/2015, titled: “2 American helicopters land in Mowilha area north of Babylon, reason unknown”.

          • Not only the US planes but also other International Coalition planes conducted resupply missions in Iraq and which collectively there were several during 2014. Some of these were by landings and where some others were via parachute. Mostly were done by C-17 Globemaster III and C-130 Hercules and included weapons and ammunition plus vehicles.

            During 2014 in Iraq there was also several parachute airdrops of humanitarian aid of food, water and medical supplies to civilans that had been encircled by hostile ISIL forces, and those civilians could not be resupplied from the ground by friendly ground forces. How do you or anyone knows if that may have been the case. Particularly as the plane would have been well above range of enemy ground fire, and which includes anti-air weaponry that ISIL has, and being so far away from the supply airdrop area then how could anyone tell what country the parachute dropping planes were from unless they were the close encircling enemy, and such distances how could anyone possibly tell what in the parachute drop bundles unless they actually got their hands onto one of those parachute bundles?

            As far as I know, for “search and rescue” in Syria and Iraq the US uses V-22 Osprey which is a medium lift tiltrotor V/STOL aircraft that functions further and faster as a typical plane but also operates as a typical helicopters when taking off and landing, so if the US was going to use smaller means of delivering supplies then they would use V-22 Osprey. Iraq is the only country that I know that uses helicopters to deliver supplies behind enemy lines, so any helicopters seen then I think that they might have been Iraqi helicopters, but then as distances and very wide use of similar looking military helicopters it would be rather difficult to tell what country it belonged too.

            In Iraq Australia is operating the E-7A Wedgetail an Airborne Early Warning and Command and Control aircraft. That plane is involved with Operation OKRA and is the Australian Defence Force’s contribution to the international effort to combat the Daesh (also known as ISIL) terrorist threat in Iraq. Australia’s contribution is being CLOSELY COORDINATED WITH THE IRAQI GOVERNMENT, Gulf nations and a broad coalition of international partners. That plane from its altitute and its advanced advanced Multi-Role Electronically Scanned Array (MESA) radar and 10 mission crew consoles, to create one of the most advanced pieces of technology. That can and does cover four million square kilometres of Iraqi airspace so any plane or helicopter within that airspace will be detected and will be COORDINATED WITH THE IRAQI GOVERNMENT. ALL plane and helicopters movements are automatically recorded and similarly so all communications are also automatically recorded.
            See some brief details of that plane at this address:-

            I will stand by everything I have mentioned in all my posts and I will say this. As far as I know MP Hakim Zamili has not provided to anyone else any of those documents or photos he said he has for verification to be determined if they are genuine or fakes, and has not even provided any copies. As Zamili has not done so all I can say is that he has made very serious unlawfull allergations against the International Coalition, so until he does provide those documents and photos for verification I will say that he is talking a lot of rubbish. Also nothing posted by ddr has been verified and I do see flaws in what he mentioned so all I can say is that he has posted rubbish.

  7. EddySaf,That is a good/needed reply. You should have done so more in response to such reports in the past and somehow publicized it (after removing some of the details and restructuring it) such that people equally became aware of your assessment. When you are quiet, people have no choice other than accepting what was reported.
    You know, you are operating in an environment which there is no deep trust. Specially when US Middle Eastern allies in the coalition (believe me all of them) have lost the trust of Iraqi people. In such circumstances, every little thing can further deepen the mistrust. I know it is complicated while fighting ISIL also being concern not to lose the trust of Iraqi people. But that is the reality. Iraqi neighbors hurt Iraqi people. Iraqi people are like a snake-stung person whom if you show a black and white rope, thinks/tells you it is a snake. Hence, those who are helping Iraqi people should double their effort to convince them that they are there to help them and not that they have their own agenda for their country (Iraq). With transparent communication more good things will flourish/get accomplished and devil will be defeated faster.

    • ddr I arrived on this news site only some days ago and started posting in several news topics, previous I spent my spare time reading and posting elsewhere in the internet world, so simply I was not here to do as you suggested. As you see I already have started to do as you have suggested and I am publicizing right now even in this topic. Later if I decide it is necessary I might go and have a face-to-face chat with my Parliamentary Minister about what is going on in Iraq, and he could have a chat to other Parliamentary Ministers about what I mentioned to him. So maybe even politically things could change between countries and where some good for both countries might result. My country is in Iraq and trying to help Iraq in several ways, we do care and which is costing us billions of dollars and which is being payed from some of the Tax money I payed to my Government so even in that way I care and am helping Iraq.

      From what I see most of the trust lost in the Iraqi people is from your own problems and which has been going on since the 7th century and since Mohammed’s death in 632, and all the Muslim people, including Iraq’s people, could not agree on leadership of the Islamic community. Supporters of Abu became the Sunnis, those of ibn Ali the Shiites. Since then and even Iraqi people, have been prejudicing, terrorizing and killing each other, and that is the cause of most of your problems, solve that and you will solve most of your problems in Iraq and in the rest of the Islamic community in the world. Maybe a leap forward could be achieved in Iraq but it has to start with your people working together and achieving that.

      The Western world had left Iraq and was not going to return even when ISIL invaded, but the West did say to Iraq to change your government to being a new inclusive government that was balanced and which did represent both Sunni and Shiite and the many other people in Iraq ALL EQUALLY, then the West will return to help. Iraq agreed and we saw that Iraq was trying so the West did came back to help Iraq. Now lets try and work together for the betterment of Iraq, and in doing so we could become good friends together.

  8. eddysaf, Jasem Aljezayeri, a member of Iraqi Hezbollah political council, reported that he has pictorial and firm evidence/document that suggests US is helping DAESH (ISIL), including transporting them by army airplanes.

    Please use your channel(s) to check/get such Info.

    • Get Jasem Aljezayeri, or anyone else you know, who has pictorial and firm evidence/document and give that, even as copies, to ALL the various Embassies in Iraq. As far as I know nobody has given any of such evidence to any Embassy and it would be the right thing to do if there was any of such evidence. They would get their specialists and who do know things to go over that evidence, and would get the International community involved if it really did happen and if that evidence is genuine and NOT faked.

        • DDR that is good, for then at least some countries will give that to their special people who do have skills in verifying things and who do that for a living in Military Intelligence.

          If given even to Australia and as they do have that high tech radar plane over Iraq they could tell many more things from records kept from missions. They would know details like was there any transponders on that identify the plane which even military planes do have and do use when not in war areas and coming into civilian airzones and airports and such. It’s radar has even ground search capabilities which could tell where planes moved around on the ground within an airport and parked and plot that giving quite accurate GPS positionings, dates and times would have been recorded. Information like that could be used to verify if that evidence is genuine or not, and would give lots of other information like where did the planes come from and later went too, and would even have any communications transmitted and have recorded those which could be replayed so it can be heard what was said in the transmissions.

          Did you know that my country gave lots weapons and heaps of ammunition in a few planes fully loaded as the Iraqi Government requested it. The plane that carried it had to land at an airport at Baghdad and was checked by Iraqi Customs, this similarly as what happens to all cargo planes that come into Iraq. Then officials stayed on the plane and military soldiers boarded the plane to provide security, and the officials were there to see that the cargo was delivered to the intended recipients the Kurdish Peshmerga at Irbil in northern Iraq, this I see as being the “must do routine” procedure for all weapons and ammunition coming into Iraq.

          Many years ago I personally have been on these military planes and have seen all types of cargo on pallates. I do know that even up close that it is difficult to tell what is the cargo as all the cargo is wrapped to protect it and securing webbing mess is used to secure the cargo to the palletes, so really you would have to take that off just to see the boxes and have to read what is on the boxes, or open the boxes, to seen what the cargo actually is. Due to that and I’ve also seen parachute drops. So when people say they see weapons and ammunition being given to the enemy right away I’m skeptical of what they say unless they are there with the enemy opening the cargo.

          Also during and after the war with Saddam, Coalition planes did deliver food, water and medical supplies to civilians at various places around Iraq, and I wonder if photos and documents might be ay have been related to that rather some recent event, so again I’m being cautious in case it turns out to be that. I do have my reasoning for being skeptical and cautious when some people claim to have evidence.and which has not been checked into and verified by appropriate authoraties.

  9. ddr, meanwhile what happened here and a copy of what I posted in the topic where Minister Hakim al-Zamili said to the media that he had evidence about the International Coalition Forces, yet he has NOT given, not even copies, of what he has to anyone and which could be confirmed as genuine or could be faked. As a politician and he has been for many years, he should know that there are the right things to do and proper channels in dealing with such information if it was genuine, yet he gave that to the media to splash around the world to everyone and which should only happen if it was proven to be genuine. He is just a politician and at the very least should given any evidence to the proper Iraqi authorities who usually do, and have for many years, deal with evidence and in proving if it is genuine evidence or faked.

    Now the following in the news about Minister Hakim al-Zamili and it appears that he may have motives for doing what he just did, maybe he is against the Coalition countries, always has been and always will be, read this article and see what it says about him when he was the Iraq Deputy Health Minister, AND WHAT HAPPENED REGARDING THIS and the following from this address.

    Iraq’s No. 2 Health Official Is Held and Accused of Financing Shiite Militants
    The New York Times
    Published: February 9, 2007

    BAGHDAD, Feb. 8 — Iraqi and American troops arrested the second highest official in the Iraqi Health Ministry on Thursday, charging that he funneled millions of dollars to rogue Shiite militants who kidnapped and killed Iraqi civilians.

    The United States military said in a statement that the official was suspected of using his position to run a rogue unit of the Mahdi Army, the Shiite militia that claims loyalty to the cleric Moktada al-Sadr. The statement accused the official of flooding the Health Ministry’s payroll with militants, embezzling American money meant to pay for Iraq’s overworked medical system and using Health Ministry “facilities and services for sectarian kidnapping and murder.”

    The military’s statement did not identify the official, but several Iraqi government officials said he was Deputy Health Minister Hakim al-Zamili, a Shiite with longstanding ties to the Sadr organization. An Interior Ministry official said the authorities in recent weeks had come to believe that Mr. Zamili was using government ambulances to ferry weapons and militants across Sadr City, hiding them from American raids.

    Mr. Zamili’s detainment was the latest of several high-profile arrests or killings of commanders from the Mahdi Army in recent weeks. He was the fifth Iraqi deputy or cabinet level official to be arrested and charged with corruption since 2003, according to Iraq’s Commission on Public Integrity, and the first known example of a senior Iraqi official charged with directly contributing to the country’s convulsive sectarian violence.

    He was arrested as new Iraqi Army and police checkpoints appeared all over Baghdad as part of the new security plan for the city. Though it was unclear whether Mr. Zamili’s arrest was part of the new plan, it underscored the challenge that American troops faced as they tried to secure the capital while relying on an Iraqi government with questionable loyalties.

    The Health Ministry is one of six ministries controlled by officials affiliated with Mr. Sadr. And even as Iraqi hospital officials complain of medicine and equipment shortages, the ministry has often been the site of dramatic kidnappings and killings.

    In November, Mr. Zamili’s predecessor, Ammar al-Saffar, a Shiite, was kidnapped by at least 24 gunmen wearing the uniforms of Interior Ministry policemen. Though he was abducted in a Sunni neighborhood, there were questions at the time about whether he had been removed by Shiite rivals.

    Neither American nor Iraqi officials connected Mr. Zamili to Mr. Saffar’s kidnapping, but the American statement said the arrested official was implicated in the deaths of several Health Ministry officials, including a director general in Diyala Province.

    Though the statement from the American military said Iraqi forces had made the arrest, witnesses said American Humvees flooded the ministry building about 9 a.m., firing warning shots into the air and breaking windows before seizing Mr. Zamili, several guards and important paperwork in his office.

    Shiite officials said Mr. Zamili’s arrest was an affront to Iraqi sovereignty. The health minister, Ali al-Shammari, called the arrest an abduction and demanded proof to support the charges against his deputy.

    Bahar al-Araji, one of 30 members of the Sadr bloc in Parliament, said American troops should have sought permission to search the ministry from the prime minister or an Iraqi court.

    “This is not an attack on the Sadr organization,” he said. “It’s an attack on the Iraqi government.”

    His comments suggested that the Sadr organization planned to stand by its stated policy of refusing to outwardly fight American and Iraqi troops as the security plan moves through Baghdad. In recent weeks, Sadr officials have repeatedly sought to show that the Mahdi Army is only a defensive organization that aims to protect Shiite residents from Sunni attacks.

    The American military also said in a statement that an airstrike in Anbar Province on two suspected safe houses for foreign fighters killed 13 insurgents. But witnesses said the airstrike flattened four houses, killing at least 35 people, including women and children. There was no immediate way to confirm either claim.

    Witnesses said the site of the airstrike, a mostly Sunni Arab area northeast of Amiriya, near Falluja, had been the site of vicious battles between fighters with Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia and local tribes. One tribal leader said the clashes started because Al Qaeda wanted tribal leaders to join its fight, and they refused.

    Violence also continued to rage near the capital, with news agencies reporting that gunmen killed 14 men from the same Sunni family just north of Baghdad.

    The United States military announced that four marines were killed Wednesday in separate episodes in Anbar Province. Seven other people were killed the same day when a Marine transport helicopter crashed in an insurgent-heavy region northwest of Baghdad.

    And in what appeared to be a rare case of cross-sectarian solidarity, the police in Diyala Province said a family of 25 Shiites — moving from a Sunni area after receiving death threats — was saved from death on Thursday when their Sunni neighbors repelled an insurgent ambush. Iraqi security forces were called in to help, and continued the battle, killing six gunmen.

    Reporting was contributed by Ahmad Fadam, Wisam A. Habeeb, Hosham Hussein, Khalid al-Ansary and Qais Mizher.

  10. DDR, you do realize that the ideology of Hezbollah and its Political Council, including the Iraqi Hezbollah Political Council, states that the US and Israel are still Hizb’Allah’s prime enemies. This would even apply when the US is in Iraq helping Iraq, even my Western country who is in Iraq to help Iraq and to help ALL of its people, and Iraq knows that is why my country is in Iraq and are doing exactly what the Iraq Government officially requested my Government to do for them.

    According to “The Hizballah Program”, the principles of its ideology are:
    a) To expel Americans, the French and their allies definitely from Lebanon, putting an end to any colonialist entity on our land.
    b) To submit the phalanges to a just power and bring them all to justice for the crimes they have perpetrated against Muslims and Christians.
    c) To permit all the sons of our people to determine their future and to choose in all the liberty the form of government their desire. We call upon all of them to pick the option of Islamic government which, alone, is capable of guaranteeing justice and liberty for all. Only an Islamic regime can stop any future tentative attempts of imperialistic infiltration onto our country.

    Hezbollah listed the Ayatollah Khomeini as the leader whose “orders we obey”; called on Christians to “open your hearts to our call” and “embrace Islam” and noted that “Allah has … made it intolerable for Muslims to participate in … a regime which is not predicated upon … the Sharia”; explained that Israel is “the vanguard of the United States in our Islamic world”.

    Now my question to you and to anyone else here is regarding the Iraqi Hezbollah Political Council,
    who is their leader whose “orders we obey”, is it Iraq and ALL of its people?
    My country is in Iraq to help the Iraq Government and to help ALL of Iraqi people against ISIL, and I don’t care what religion or political views the Iraqi people and its Government have as long as they are working towards a better Iraq for ALL of its people, and that is what I feel any political organization in Iraq should be doing.

  11. Eddysaf, You need to stick to your last paragraph:
    “My country is in Iraq to help the Iraq Government and to help ALL of Iraqi people against ISIL, and I don’t care what religion or political views the Iraqi people and its Government have as long as they are working towards a better Iraq for ALL of its people, and that is what I feel any political organization in Iraq should be doing”.

    Not to have a broken communication with you, suffice to say, while Iraqi’s responded to Ayatollah sistani’s call for fight against ISIL, the Ayatollah is not even an Iraqi citizen, while helped Iraq more than any Iraqi leader who lived in Iraq for e.g. 10 generations. If it was not for Badr, Mr Sadr forces, Hezbollah and other Shia volunteers, and of course Iranian help Baghdad now was in the hands of ISIL. Since you are there to defeat ISIL, you need to appreciate them for being a big hand to you. Since they want to defeat ISIL completely, they want to make sure all forces and helps have been lined up to accomplish the mission in fastest possible time and with less loss of life and less destruction of the country.

    Shia always wanted to work with the Sunni’s. But some of them abused the invitation and were collecting Information to hurt Shia’s and Iraqi government. majority of those who died by different bombs were Iraqi Shia’s and notably from Sadr City. Remember Taregh al Hashemi a past high ranking politicization who has been sentenced to death by Iraqi court in absence. That speaks volume. If they want to get the whole government back by an orchestrated bumbling and killings of hundred of thousands people, how can it work? You should not also ignore how some neighboring countries with their material support worked against Iraq’s unity and helped to shape the Iraq’s carnage.

    Hope mentalities will change and all of Iraqi’s respect the law in the country and live under the same umbrella without discrimination and participate in Iraq’s future development and prosperity.

    Hope it helps.

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