Militants launch rocket attack on Syrian As-Suqaylabiyah

Militants launch rocket attack on Syrian As-Suqaylabiyah
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(IraqiNews) Terrorist groups in Syria have resumed bombing the As-Suqaylabiyah City, in the northern countryside of Hama, using rocket shells.

SANA News Agency reported that the terrorist groups again violated a de-escalation agreement, and shelled the city with rockets.

The attack was launched by militants, who were holed up in the northwestern countryside, SANA added. The militants shelled with rockets the residential buildings and houses in the city, causing damage to property only.

A woman and a child were injured, on Saturday, while fire broke out in farms, after militants attacked Belhussein Village, Ain al-Kroum Town and As-Suqaylabiyah City, in Hama Countryside.

Meanwhile, Syrian army forces retook Kafrnabouda Town, in Hama countryside, after driving out many militants from the town.

Syrian army forces began gaining control over the strategic neighborhoods of Kafrnabouda. They managed to enter the town, after conducting heavy artillery and rocket shelling on the fortification of al-Nusra Front.

It is noteworthy that army forces managed, this morning, to kill over 30 militants, in addition to destroying large number of SVUs and armored vehicles.


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