The PKK announces the death of more than 50 Turkish soldiers in suicide attack

The Popular Defense fighters.
The Popular Defense fighters.

( Sulaymaniyah – On Tuesday, PKK announced it carried out a suicide attack on a camp of the Turkish army resulted in the killing of more than 50 soldiers, while pointed out that the attack was in revenge for the victims of the Turkish bombardment on the north of Erbil.

Popular Defense Forces, the armed wing of the party, said in a statement received by, “The Popular Defense fighters carried out, in the second day of the current month of August, a massive operation in the name of the martyr Cherfane Varto,” indicating that “the operation came in retaliation for the victims of the Turkish attack on the inhabitants in Qandil area north of Arbil.”

The statement added that “the operation was carried out through the bombing of a car bomb loaded with five tons of explosives inside the camp of Karaboulaa belonging to the Turkish.”

The statement stated that “the operation resulted in the killing of more than 50 Turkish soldiers and many injuries,” adding that, “the attack destroyed several military vehicles and military cars, as well as stores of weapons inside the camp.”



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  1. Now Turkey will want revenge and will retaliate strongly where Turkey will kill at least the same number of Kurds. I do not support the Turks but I do know that Turkey is the stronger military force and if the Kurds keep attacking Turkey then Turkey will seriously consider invading the area where the Kurdish militants are coming from to put a stop to the attacks. Also Turkey will consider not giving any support to the other Kurdish groups due to what the PKK is doing to Turkey.

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