Russian missiles kill, wounds 8 persons in Idlib

Russian missiles kill, wounds 8 persons in Idlib syria
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Idlib (Syria News) Local sources informed, on Friday, that eight persons were either killed or wounded in the explosion of missiles that were dropped earlier during a Russian air strike on the countryside of Idlib Syria, Qasioun News reported on Saturday.

The sources revealed that a rocket, from the remnants of a Russian air strike that was conducted earlier, exploded in the village of Badriyah, in the countryside of Idlib, while the civil defense team was trying to dismantle it, killing two persons and wounding six others.

The remnants of the explosion, especially the shells, were scattered in the majority of areas in Idlib Province, as a result of the heavy air raids that were carried out by the Russian and Syrian Air Force, leaving several civilian casualties.

It is noteworthy that Russian troops, including Air Force and Navy fleets, are joining the ongoing battles in Syria, to back up the Syrian regime in its war against the Islamic State and opposition forces, based on an official appeal from the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to Russia.

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