Saudi king’s personal bodyguard dies of gunshot wound in Jeddah

(Photo courtesy: Bandar al-Galoud)

Riyadh ( – Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud’s personal bodyguard General Abdulaziz al-Faghm died of a gunshot wound following a personal dispute with a friend in Jeddah, according to Saudi media reports.

A Mecca police spokesman confirmed his death, saying it was due to a gunshot wound after he was shot at by his friend. Five Saudi security officers were injured, the source told Al Arabiya TV channel.

Faghm had also served as the personal bodyguard of late King Abdullah.

Faghm’s family mourned his death in the early hours of Sunday, and Saudi Twitter was filled with reactions to the news of his death in Jeddah, making his name in Arabic the number one worldwide trend on the social media platform.

“God bless my uncle, General Abdulaziz Baddah al-Faghm, after he was killed in his friend’s house by a third friend (treacherously),” Baddah al-Faghm tweeted.

“May you rest in peace, hero … I have seen nothing but good and loyalty from you for ten years … I can’t comprehend that I won’t be seeing you anymore,” Chairman of the General Entertainment Authority Turki al-Alsheikh tweeted.

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