SDF capture Baath Dam in western Raqqa

SDF capture Baath Dam in western Raqqa
Baath Dam. File Photo.

Raqqa ( The Syrian Democratic Forces, on Friday, managed to fully capture Baath Dam, in western Raqqa, Qasioun News Agency reported.

The news agency revealed that the Syrian Democratic Forces managed to impose their control on Baath Dam, after capturing Kudajran Village, in western Raqqa, due to the withdrawal of the Islamic State militants.

Google Maps view of the Dam (marked with red)).

In related news, Syrian Democratic Forces also captured the sugar factory, north of Raqqa, while the Islamic State attacked the factory with more than 20 local-made missiles.

Noteworthy, ongoing battles are taking place south of Hanyda Village, east of Tabqah, between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Islamic State militants, amid heavy aerial and artillery shelling.

Baath Dam is one of three dams in the Syrian Euphrates, the other two being the Tabqa Dam, and the Tishrin Dam, and located 22 kilometres away from the city of Raqqa.

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