We share interest with Tehran against ISIS, says Kerry

The American Secretary of State, John Kerry
The American Secretary of State, John Kerry


( US Secretary of State John Kerry stated that the United States and Iran have “a common interest” in addressing the ISIS threat although there has not been any military coordination between the two countries against the terrorist group.

Kerry said before a committee of the US Congress, “We have a common interest, but no corporation.”

Kerry questioned the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ability to judge the matter.

In an escalation of hostile verbal exchanges between the two allies 6 days ago on Netanyahu’s speech, which will be delivered before the Congress about Iran’s issue, the Israeli leader accused the major powers of abandoning their commitment to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb.

John Kerry said that Netanyahu is wrong in his judgement of nuclear talks with Iran.

Kerry advised to wait to hear what Netanyahu will say in his speech on Tuesday.


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