Sudan: transitional council urges reopening of protest-blocked roads

Baghdad ( The military-led transitional council in Sudan urged Monday to reopen roads blocked by protesters as demonstrations persist against the council after the fall of former president Omar al-Bashir.

Sudanese Ashorooq TV quoted a statement by the council saying it urges to “reopen all pathways and roads in Khartoum and other states to facilitate railway movement and all forms of transport to ensure delivery of essential supplies”.

It urged “citizens to immediately report any negative conduct that affects the daily life of citizens”.

Understandably referring to demonstrators, the council’s statement referred to “some parties that work in the opposite direction through negative and unacceptable behavior on the street, such as closing roads, searching pedestrians and private vehicles, setting up roadblocks, and preventing trains and lorries from delivering citizens’ needs across states”.

The council, led by army general Abdul-Fattah al-Burhan, pointed to the use of ” cars with unlicensed, or fabricated plates that could be used against the country’s security”.

It condemned some youth for “assuming the role of police and security apparatuses”, labeling that “a clear violation of the law”, as well as “trading narcotics on the street”.

Economy-driven protests since late last year have prompted the army to oust longtime leader Omar al-Bashir earlier this month,  with the military declaring a two-year transitional period under its command. But protesters, led by opposition parties and trade unions, insist on a civilian-led interim body away from military interference.



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