Suicide bombing in central Damascus, 20 casualties

Suicide bombing in central Damascus, 20 casualties
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Damascus (Syria News) The Syrian state television announced, on Sunday, that 20 persons were either killed or wounded in a suicide bombing that hit an area near al-Tahrir Square, in central Damascus.

The state television revealed that a suicide bombing hit al-Tahrir Square, in central Damascus, this morning, killing eight persons and wounding 12 others.

Security forces chased three booby-trapped vehicles and managed to detonate two of them in the entrance of the city of Damascus, while besieged the third one in al-Tahrir Square, pushing the suicide bomber to blow up himself and the vehicle, leaving a number of casualties, TV report stated.

Furthermore, security forces prevented the terrorists from reaching their goals, where they were targeting crowded areas in the city, the report added.

Meanwhile, footage aired by the state television showed what appears to be human remains in Pitara area, near the old city.

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