Syrian army liberates 21 villages on borders of Daraa, Quintara

Smoke rises after an air strike on the city of Daraa.

Baghdad ( A Syrian military source has announced liberation 21 villages and towns during the ongoing operations against terrorist groups in the southern region on the borders of Daraa and Quintara.

“Syrian army units still follow on combat operations in the southern regions against points were terrorist groups are there. These operations resulted in liberating 21 villages and towns in the countryside of Daraa and Quintara,” the source told the SANA news agency.

The operations, according to the source, “resulted in destroying pockets of the militants in the liberated regions, while army units are still combing the areas for security and to protect lives of civilians.”

Last week, the Martyrs Documentation Office in Daraa has reported that 26 persons were killed in the offensive carried out by the Syrian regime forces on the countryside of Daraa and al-Qunaitra.

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