Syrian army recaptures new areas in Homs, Syria

Syrian army recaptures new areas in Homs, Syria
Syrian Army Forces. File photo.

Homs (Syria News) The Syrian army forces and allied militias managed, on Thursday, to recapture Onoq al-Hawa and Khan villages, in the eastern countryside of Homs, Syria, after violent clashes with the Islamic State militants.

Qasioun News reported the Syrian army troops conducted artillery and missiles shelling on the Islamic State-held villages and towns, in eastern the province, without any further details on casualties.

Meanwhile, sources close to the militant group informed that 7 foreign militants, belonging to the Syrian army, were killed and a 23mm cannon was destroyed in Ghunaiman village, in eastern the province.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian army has recently recaptured several villages and towns, in eastern Homs, backed by the Russian air forces.

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