Syrian army retakes Islamic State’s biggest stronghold in Daraa: Agency

Syrian army troops.

Baghdad ( The Syrian army has announced liberating a village in al-Yarmouk basin in the countryside of Daraa, south of Syria, after a military operation that ended the last stronghold of Islamic State there, the Syrian SANA news agency reported.

The army forces, according to the report, entered al-Shajara village, the main stronghold of the militants in al-Yarmouk basin, from two regions. The first one from Abdeen village, northwest of al-Shajara, while the second from Tal Gitar and Ain Ghazala, in the east and northeast of the village.

Huge losses were inflicted on the enemy in lives and equipment, the report added. The confrontations ended with liberation of the village.

In related news, the report said army forces achieved progress in Abdeen village.

On Thursday, the Syrian army reportedly gained full control on Saham al-Golan area in the northwestern countryside of Daraa.

he army freed, earlier last week, villages of al-Basala, Ain Qadi, al-Maqraz, Sayda al-Golan, Khan Sayda, al-Hanout, Abu Hartayn, Ain Thakar, Lubaid, Sad al-Maqraz, Bakkar Gharbi, Maadali, Abu Mandara and Razaniyat Sayda after killing the militants there and confiscating their weapons.

Army has been intensifying airstrikes against the militants in al-Yarmouk basin, which inflicted huge losses in lives and equipments on the militants.

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