Syrian army retakes control on the last Islamic State bastion, east of As Suwaida

Syrian army troops.

Baghdad ( The Syrian army forces have resumed its progress in the vicinity of Telul al-Safa region in the countryside of As-Suwaida, cordoning the last stronghold of Islamic State, media channels reported.

“Syrian army forces have resumed progress, cordoning off Telul al-Safa region, which is the last bastion of Islamic State at the borders between the countryside of As-Suwaida and Rif Damascus,” the Russian Sputnik news agency said on Thursday.

“Ongoing shelling was carried out against the militant group’s besieged locations. The Syrian army jets carried out, over the past few hours, targeting the militants, which left tens of them killed and weapons destroyed, including a truck loaded with ammunition. The militants on board were killed,” the report added.

The besieged militants, according to Sputnik, “are trying to infiltrate toward the Syrian army forces to start confrontations, depending on its snipers and suicide attackers, however, all their attempts failed. 20 militants were killed over the past few hours.”

On Sunday, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that Syrian army achieved an advance against the militant group as they managed to besiege them in Telul al-Safa area, near the eastern borders of Rif Dimashq.

Islamic State carried out an attack last month against As Suwaida, leaving more than 250 victims.

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