Syrian government forces advance into Maskana east of Aleppo

Syrian government forces advance into Maskana east of Aleppo
Troops of the Syrian army. File photo.

Aleppo ( Syrian government forces and their affiliated militias managed, on Wednesday, to recapture villages and towns near the city of Maskana, east of Aleppo, Qasioun News Agency reported.

The government forces advanced into Wadi Muweleh, al-Jamiliyah, Rasm al-Hamam, Jub Ali, Qatawi and Kharba al-Mazn areas, east of Aleppo, after violent battles with the Islamic State militants.

Meanwhile, Russian Air Force carried out several air strikes, using bunker buster rockets, on the residential neighborhoods in Maskana City, but no casualties were reported, while Syrian regime helicopters dropped more than 10 explosive barrels on Mazra’et al-Sukariyah and al-Ja’abat village near the city.

Noteworthy, only six kilometers separate between the Syrian government forces and the city of Maskana, the last stronghold of the Islamic State in eastern Aleppo.

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