Syrian rebels kill 15 army members in Ayn Tarma

Syrian rebels kill 15 army members in Ayn Tarma
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Damascus (Syria News) Al-Rahman legion, which is deployed in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus, announced killing 15 members of Assad army forces in Ayn Tarma Town, Enab Baladi reported on Saturday.

The legion announced in a statement, today, via its social media channels that its troops killed 15 members of the Syrian army in Ayn Tarma Town, while revealed that all the killed members are from the 4th brigade.

Furthermore, the statement informed that the legion members destroyed two military vehicles belonging to Assad forces, while they were advancing into Ayn Tarma front.

Meanwhile, media office of Ayn Tarma stated on its Facebook page that Assad forces shelled the town, using ground-to-ground missiles, after failing to advance toward the rebels areas.

It is noteworthy that Assad forces and allied militias are trying to advance into Ayn Tarma and Hay Jober, in an attempt to separate the two neighborhoods from the eastern Ghouta.

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