Syrian regime forces shell Jobar with toxic Chlorine gas

Syrian regime forces shell Jobar with toxic Chlorine gas
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Damascus (Syria News) The Syrian regime forces, and their affiliated militias, on Thursday, shelled the outskirts of Jobar neighborhood, in the capital, Damascus, with the toxic chlorine gas, Qasioun News reported.

Medical sources informed that more than eight Syrian rebels have arrived in field hospitals, while suffering suffocation, while pointed out that the suffocation cases are mild.

Furthermore, government forces also shelled the neighborhood, using dozens of ground-to-ground missiles, while engaged in clashes with the Syrian rebels in the outskirts of the neighborhood, but no casualties were reported so far.

It is noteworthy that the regime forces are seeking to isolate Jobar neighborhood from eastern Ghouta area, but all of their attempts failed.


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  1. Assad once again uses chemical attacks on his own people. He is worse than Saddam. Hopefully the U.N. and U.S.A. punish him for his war crimes. Chemical warfare in populated neighborhoods is against the Geneva code. It is a trademark used by dictators.

  2. I think you are just a foolish guy with no common sense of reasoning. How can a legitimate government with the backing of a powerful world power who is already winning the war uses a chemical weapon knowing it will bring a very bad backlash??? Common man use your own brain don’t let the satanic media misleads you. We citizens of the world need to use our brans positively.

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