Syrian regime shells eastern Ghouta and leaves several casualties

Syrian regime shells eastern Ghouta and leaves several casualties
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Rif Dimashq (Syria News) Several civilians were killed, while others were injured, on Thursday, in an artillery shelling conducted by the Syrian regime forces on the villages and towns of eastern Ghouta, in Rif Dimashq Province, local sources told Qasioun News.

The sources informed that 5 civilians were killed in a Syrian regime artillery shelling that was carried out on the residential neighborhoods of Douma City, while another civilians was killed in the city of Saqba, in Rif Dimashq Province.

Furthermore, Syrian regime forces bombarded the town of Ayn Tarma, in the outskirts of eastern Ghouta, using heavy artillery and rocket launchers, while clashes broke out between the Syrian rebels and regime forces in the same time.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian regime forces, backed up by the army’s 4th brigade, are planning to enter the area of eastern Ghouta, in Rif Dimashq Province; thus, escalated their attacks and shelling over the area.

The Syrian rebels inflicted heavy human and material losses on the Syrian regime troops, especially the troops stationed in Jobar neighborhood in Damascus.

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