Toxic shells in Aleppo kill 7, fighting intensifies

A damaged portion of Syria’s Aleppo city. File Photo.
A damaged portion of Syria’s Aleppo city. File Photo.

( Baghdad – A source in the Ministry of Interior, quoting Aleppo’s health director, Mohamad Hazouri on Wednesday informed that at least 7 civilians were killed and 25 others injured on Tuesday when rebels attacked the city, allegedly with shells containing toxic gases.

“A terrorist attack on the Old City of Aleppo on Tuesday with shells containing toxic gas led to the death of five and suffocation of eight civilians,” Hazouri said, adding, “Terrorists fired rocket shells on al-Hamadaniyeh, injuring six. They also targeted the Salahuddin killing two and injuring 11 more.”

Meanwhile, Aleppo continues to witness an intense fighting as a rebel offensive tried to break a government siege of rebel-held areas.

“During the weekend, the rebels made several attempts to reconnect areas of the east with the insurgent areas in the west. They set off a huge tunnel bomb underneath army positions in the strategic Ramouseh district,” the source from the Ministry of Interior informed quoting BBC.

“The army has been fighting back with the help of Russian air strikes to stop the rebels breaking through,” the source further added.

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